CONTROLLERS: We skillfully and carefully service and repair your generator controllers to assure quality performance for all your Industrial, Commercial and Residential power needs.

BLOCK HEATERS: Keeping your engine block warm will prevent your oil from becoming too thick in cold temperatures. DGS will repair or replace your block heater to correct any accelerated wear to prevent any complications when starting your engine.

BatteriesBATTERIES AND BATTERY CHARGERS: Your business relies on having dependable power. Dynamic Generator Service will provide you with the best batteries and battery charging equipment available to ensure your generator starts when you need it most! “Batteries tend to be the most neglected item in a stand by generator system”


EXHAUST AND EMISSION SYSTEMS: Dynamic Generator Service Maintains and implements emission control solutions to keep your air as clean as possible. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) require routine maintenance. We can service your entire exhaust system to keep your generator operating correctly and efficiently.


ELECTRICAL SYSTEM INSPECTION AND REPAIR: DGS will inspect, repair, and replace all electrical components on generator and automatic transfer switch. We provide predicted maintenance with thermal imaging that detects irregularities in your system not visible to the naked eye.



LOAD TEST: Dynamic Generator Service provides 2hr and 4hr load test.  Load Testing is an essential piece of a comprehensive preventative generator maintenance plan. Load Testing helps to ensure that generator will be fully dependable, as well as completely capable of the highest load it may be required to handle at any critical point in time.


OIL, FUEL AND COOLANT SAMPLING: DGS provides annual sampling to ensure top performance and assess any replacement needs.

ServiceRADIATORS: We are proficient in recognizing problems in your coolant system and can protect your generator from damage caused by overheating.  If needed, we can install a new radiator onsite.