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Generac Service

As a Generac Residential and Commercial Dealer, we bring you peace of mind with a full line of reliable Generac products and personalized service.

Home Generator Installation

Power outages are rarely convenient so protect your family with the installation of a power generator that will keep your family and possessions safe and secure. Typically referred to as a home generator, a residential power generator will allow your family to depend on essential appliances during an interruption in the power supply. Through the use of a small engine, generators for the home that produce electricity can power everything from just a few critical items to an entire house. Dynamic Generator Service Inc. has extensive experience in guiding homeowners in the selection and use of standby generators for home use.

Emergency Generators: Critical Uses

Traditionally many homeowners have considered the installation of a home generator an unnecessary luxury, however recent events have proven that stand by generators are much more than a simple convenience. Just a few of the functions that would be interrupted include:

    • Medical Equipment/Stair lifts
    • Water Wells/Pumps
    • Home Businesses
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Sump Pumps
    • Lighting
    • Sewage Ejectors

Clearly an occasional power outage is a little more than an inconvenience, however an extended disruption can have dramatic effects on not only the medically infirm, but also households that require electricity for critical operational functions. As a result, emergency power generators have become much more of a serious consideration for the prepared homeowner.

Stand-by Generators

Permanently installed systems that include a direct connection to a permanent fuel source are known as stationary or backup generators. Standby generators can provide continuous power for extended periods of time.

Selecting a Home Generator: Considerations

When considering the purchase of a power generator for your home, there are quite a few factors that must be considered to find the right option for your home

Automation – Typically power outages occur during severe weather, so automatic operation is a big consideration. Portable generators require manual set-up and operation, while stationary units essentially work automatically. When selecting a home power system, this should be considered.

Power Demands – When selecting the best residential generator for your home, it’s important to consider your power demands. Will you simply want to power basics like a refrigerator and lights, or are the critical systems like sump pumps, A/C units or medical equipment? If you’d like to estimate your needs, we’ve found this Wattage Calculator from Consumer Reports that will help you estimate the demands you’ll place on your emergency generator.

Connection – Regardless of which type of power generator you select, it’s important to think about how the resulting electricity is delivered to your home. Smaller portable generators will simply use extension cords, however larger portable units and stationary power generators should be integrated into your home’s power system with a professionally installed transfer switch. This will not only protect your generator, but also the equipment within your home.

Fuel (Type and Fuel Storage) – Whichever type of home power system you’re considering, you must think through how you will fuel the unit. Smaller power generators typically run on gasoline and can use roughly eight to 22 gallons per day; there are also portable units that run on Propane, which can use four to eight 20 pound tanks per day. Stationary models normally connect directly to natural gas and can run almost indefinitely. Ultimately, the management of fuel for home power generators must be considered to ensure that your unit is up and functional when you need it.

Generac ServiceCommercial:
Our commercial generators can provide full emergency backup power for large homes and businesses. From gas stations and convenience stores, to restaurants, schools, assisted living centers and municipal buildings.

 The Commercial Series is fueled by natural gas, propane or diesel, ranging from 22-150 kW.


Generac Generator ServiceResidential:
We stand behind the longevity of Generac and the quality service they provide.  Our residential standby generators are available in 8 kW, 10 kW, 14 kW, 17 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW, 30 kW, 45 kW, and 60 kW.


Contact Dynamic Generator Service for Help with Home Generators

Selecting and installing the right home power generator system for your home can be somewhat complex. We have extensive experiences in generator installation and we’ll be happy to help you research, select and install the system that’s best for you.